Saturday, June 9, 2012

L-Men of The Year 2012 Grand Finalist

L-Men of The Year (otherwise known as LOTY) is an annual event of the L-Men which aims to inspire the people of Indonesia to implement a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and regular exercise. LOTY was also held as a tribute to the consumers of L-Men who are successful in forming their body through a healthy lifestyle.

This event started in 2004 and regularly held each year, sponsored by the male milk producers, L-Men. And the winner will be chosen to represent Indonesia in the international arena, Manhunt International. Additionally in 2008, this event is to send representatives to the other man Mister International contest.

The event is also an effort to promote Indonesia to other countries. Now in 2012 they will pick the newest winner of the competition. Here is the 14 Grand Finalist which choosen from around Indonesia region.

source & wikipedia

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